Hair on head are antennas that absorbs other energy like negative and positive energy. It one of reason that men keep hair short to release-detox the energy that was absorbed in past. Women able to release by period cycle which why men are wishing had period as well! (oh boy trying not to dream!). We had desire to have shave head for long time and finally did last year and we love it cause free and can feel difference of releasing past and negative energies. Each day we assume our hair is at waist, shoulders length or at ear till we look at mirror “oh it is shaved” and look amazing ahh no worries about way hair decided to do that day! Since we have shifted to light-love and our head is hotter and easier just shave since always warm and even our head can warm a cold water! Observe the people who went through chemo or decided shave their head are waking up and feeling free cause they didn’t realize that their hair was loaded with toxins and negative energies from so many years.

The purpose of being here is to remember instead of learning since we already learned from past lives.  Soul has the body experience variety of negative-toxin experiences so we can see what others going through and once we are open minded to be grateful for the experience and understand we can not fix others then Soul will be ready us go for positive and joy experience.

Looking for love? Put down the flash light and pick up the mirror. Start loving self, heart, body, skin, organs, flower, air, house, car, pets, and everything around you that already there. Then more love will come join the love vibration. Give and receive love in balance.

If you want to heal your body, hearing, vision, limbs, health and more and you can.  Believe that you already healed now. Do that belief everyday and your body and mind will start healing.  Be aware of what you think and say which affects the outcome.  For example “I can’t believe I can hear!”  that makes hearing go back hard of hearing well cause word choice “can’t”  Saying what you want and grateful like “awesome we can hear!  We are so grateful we can hear the water, soul’s voice, birds and more!” When there are things or sounds don’t like.  We pray say “Thank you Angels for helping us see this sound with love”

We have enjoyed getting to know children and adults that are gifted like Autism,  Cerebral Palsy, medical conditions, Deaf, Hard of hearing, blind, and more over 30 years.  The reason they are with these gifts are no need labels actually they choose to have these gifts to help family, school, stores, companies, friends, and self to improve and see what like and give love.  Going back to past lives can give answers reasons choose the certain gifts.   The most we learned is for parents and caregiver has karma or lessons to be learn or taken care of.  All of the souls who are verbal and nonverbal hear their caregiver and parent’s mind (no voice-think).  Go for it think about the person and say something and say your name and they respond by body language and when they are ready will communicate back to your mind and heart.  Remember fear blocks communication. “We let go of fear and let love in”

We use the word “we” “us” since it means Soul, body, mental, and spiritual.  Also as oneness.  Saying “we” “us” uplifts and great feeling.  Using “I” “me” is shadow and ego.