Food tips for knowledge.

Safe drinking water:

How to have safe tap water is fill a glass or stoneware pitcher, place pitcher on top a sliver like a quarter on a counter top or table, do Reiki over water (optional), say prayer “thank you God/Angels/Inner Guides for removing toxins and blessing this water” let sit for 12 hours to let the harmful chemicals evaporate.

Safe meals for our pets:

Our cat, fish and dog are on raw diet to be healthy.  Fish enjoy home made meal that we found recipe online for goldfish and we made batch and freeze in small ice trays.  Dog and Cat enjoys the Primal raw frozen formula which helpful has mixture of healthy food.  We have make sure our pets do not get any food with GMO due to complications to their health in past.  Centaur loves have salad of vegetables and fruits with us!  Cat dislike any thing from a cow.  (hmm maybe she was a cow in past life)

Safe meals for humans:

There are so many ways to have safe meals.  You are what you are what you eat.  We enjoy eating Non-GMO, organic, pesticide free, herbicide free, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts.  Healthy habit is read labels and ingredients on everything and decide will this ingredients will nourish our wholeness or not?  Even check the ingredients on food you have been used eating before some companies remove or add ingredients.  Trick on produce organic label starts with number 9.  Eating out is challenge and can do detox tea (listed below) to help remove toxins from food since don’t know what in meal at restaurants.  Listen to your heart and body and will help you know what best for you.  Eating healthy is colorful.  Food creates your body by color.  For example: a meal is mostly brown and tan then the body becomes dragged behind like mud; a meal that is colorful like green, orange, red, yellow, white, brown, and blue will energized body to fly!

Detox from toxins: here are tips from book Medical Medium, by Anthony William

*Blend equal parts of each mixture loose leaf tea one table spoon in hot water. *

Anti-Chlorine/Anti-Fluoride Tea: Blackberry leaf, raspberry leaf, hibiscus flower, and rose hips.

Anti-Pesticide/Anti-Herbicide/Anti-Fungicide Tea: burdock root, red clover, lemon verbena, and ginger.

Anti-Plastics Tea: fenugreek, mullein leaf, olive leaf, and lemon balm.

Anti-Cleaning Solvents Tea: calendula, chamomile, bladderwrack, and borage

Anti-Radiation Tea: Atlantic kelp, atlantic dulse, dandelion leaf, and nettle leaf.

To Detox liver and intestinal tract. Aloe Vera Leaf Juice: eat fresh gel of an aloe vera leaf per day. Trim skin then scoop out clear gel blend in juice.

When getting a massage be sure drink two 16 ounce of water with lemon afterwards.