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Family Earth Angels

We are family earth angels who loves to travel and adventures. We want you to enjoy the images and stories of our adventures. Joy!

Albuquerque, New Mexico

We stayed few weeks in Albuquerque, New Mexico at nice home with fenced in yard.  Poseidon enjoys the home and the yard to sun bathe and watch the birds.  A roadrunner came visit  us! Centaur enjoys snoozing away next to us.  We checked out stores and places which is cool and fun.  We enjoy the Albuquerque set up of roads, traffic, and all at ease which easy to know where we are and find home easy.  We enjoy the town few year ago as well.  There abundance of grocery store that sells organic foods and restaurants that serves vegetarian meals. Was helpful to get help from others by using site like Grubhub (meal delivery) and Instacart (grocery delivery).

We had a blast at Kevin’s Photo shoot as we get pictures taken together and them self.

There one image of the vegetarian hot dog got at The Acre and it so delicious!  Guess what the hot dog made out of?  Carrots!  Perfect texture!

Blanding, Utah

We stayed in a house called “Grandma’s House” in Blanding, Utah.  Blanding is small town that is peaceful and quite as you can see mountains miles away on North, East and West.  We enjoy the walk in the neighborhood with pets as we saw birds and sheep.  One day we watch the snow come down to blanket the ground to white as helps people and animal’s charka clear and release the past as the white mean purity and transition.  The house is filled with love stories and lots sun light shine into house to fill up with love.  Poseidon loves the wooden old floor since perfect to play with balls as they roll at different directions and sometimes comes back to him as he finds so cool.  Centaur enjoy snoozing day and night as he conserve energy for spring to come, hmm wonder if he got bear genes in him.

Orem, Utah

We stayed few weeks in Orem, Utah was cool view of landscape and mountains as the days go by the snow start to come down as the view changes to like someone splash white paint on the mountain.  Centaur enjoy the snow just was lost where to potty since no luck finding the gravel or grass!  Poseidon bravely walk on snow for short time then hop on dry ground and watch birds enjoy the bird seeds.  We went to try out the snow boarding and was very unique techniques did wish we had pillow taped to our bottom!  Gonna stick with skis with pole until we get our body tight in shape to do snowboarding sure uses a lot balance by using the toes and legs.  Grateful that horse back riding is better and kind to our wholeness.    Learn what is like in the town after gets 10″ to 15″ snow how they clear the road, parking lots, and doesn’t stop people from going to places.  The resorts are happy with more snow!


Las Vegas, Nevada

We stay few days at Las Vegas, Nevada Motel 6 which is warm days (70s).  Poseidon enjoy watching out window as the city entertain him!  It is like he is watching biggest TV!  He enjoys watching tv and movies with us which fist cat we had that has interests in them.  Centaur enjoy walks and visit with other people.  We are grateful to able us the Uber to get rides to few shows and back home to pets.  We had so much fun going to the show Chippendales!  They invited us to the stage!  We sat on a red with gold trim Throne got to feel and watch the men dance for us!  Yummy!  Love the photo of all handsome men and us together!  Yay! The men sure enjoy smiling and glowing up as we cheer for them and gives us faith that we do deserve to have handsome friends and life partner!   The other show we went to Cirque De Soleil Zumanity!  It was fun, colorful and cool show! So cool to see the passions these people are into.  Then went to show called David Copperfield.  It is ok show did not affect us much as most fans due to we already got our self into present moment and the show uses law of attractions, Merkaba, and psychic.  At least helps fans know they can do anything that they believe in.  Ask and it is given.

Blue Mountain, California

We stayed few weeks at a cute cabin (Airbnb) in Blue Mountain, California.  There were some snow on ground and still see some ground.  We had fun hiking nearby with Poseidon and Centaur as we saw chipmunks, deer, rabbits, birds, creek, and tall trees.  The mountain is around the cabin and only see sun for five hours.  Beautiful moon shine with planets and stars.  One day we saw many lady bugs in air and on wooden limbs and grass on the warmest day.  This is first time to see this many!  So beautiful!  We got to go to a Qi-Gong classes and was fun work out and meeting people.  Had fun doing arts and crafts with a lady at the Pine Mountain Pine club. We grateful that this Pine Mountain Pine Club allows guest to join classes and activities. Poseidon has grown a lot he is almost half tall as Centaur!

Beauty of beginning of new year 2018!

We enjoy the stay in Los Angels, CA in Eagle Rock area at a cute cottage (Airbnb) sounded by nature, plants, flowers and relaxing.  Perfect place set up for middle of large city and it is calm and scent of air fill with flowers and buzz of the bees and humming birds.  We enjoy visit with Maureen, host of cottage, and spend time with her dog Cooper!  We had blast painting a cute doggie bowl pottery and the store cook it for us then we gave to Maureen for future guest or Cooper will take it with him since looks like him!  Poseidon and Centaur really enjoy hanging out in yard listening and observing the squirrels, a black cat, birds, bees, and butterflies.  We became a foodie that week was so much fun since we discover Sage Vegan Bistro restaurants, oh so yummy and Donut Friend which is vegan donuts!  Yay, y’all get some!

Rachel, sister, and her partner, Kenny, came visit us at the cottage!  Centaur remembered them and jump on Rachel’s lap and even been years since he saw them!

Got our self a camera and been exploring and playing with the new camera and loving it since takes pictures clearly in long distance like birds!  Fun! Look forward to share more photos of nature that can take clear images. We enjoy taking pictures of pets and Cooper which came out great!

Joy of dog beach!

Joy of dog beach! Play!

Travel to Huntington CA and stayed at an apartment.  We enjoy walking to beach which was a block away and drove Centaur to dog beach which is one mile away.  Thankfully dogs are allowed to walk on sidewalks and walking trails and fun see many others walk their dogs and cool one man was on skate board with dog on leash running next to him, people rollerblading, people riding bike with tiny dog in a basket as they ride on!  Are we in dog heaven?

Yoga on beach class was nice that see sky, ocean, feel sand, see sea gulls, see people, hear the ocean waves as well hear the instructor’s voice.  Doing the poses more healing and uplifting since there no walls or mirrors.  Freedom and love even other people stop take pictures or watch us.  We share love!

Impressive vibe of the beach no dogs allowed vs dog beach!  The beach that no dogs allowed is bare with few peoples, lots of suffers relaxing in middle ocean as wait for big wave give them a ride.  The dog beach is so filled with laughter, smiles, adults even playing and visiting with other people, dogs are running happily, families play games with dogs, everyone is glowing and filling up with  love as well with mother earth, sand, ocean, and more it such a miracle view and amazing what the beaches that don’t allow dogs are missing out so much.  When people fear about dogs potty in water well what does it matter the ocean water is filled with fish, seal lion, whales and sea horses’ pee!  Sun and salt water cleans the pee anyway.

Went on whale watch on a boat and was fun got see middle of ocean, sun set, black white belly dolphins, pelicans, sea lions, kind people, and lots of love.

Poseidon first time rode in stroller around the side walks since he safe due to so many noise and action going on. He did not get to touch the beach sand due to cops and coast guards everywhere their vehicles are drones, helicopter, truck, boat, bicycle, motorcycle, walking and horses.  Centaur taught Poseidon how play with laser light to get some exercise so he can sleep with us!

Already Winter!

We stayed at River Ranch at Cascabel in Benson, AZ a week.  Was fun and healing since the place overwhelmed us first few days due to so many memories of our family ranch.  Cool see desert ranch able to grow grass by using sprinklers and red angus cattle with retire horses.  We enjoy seeing lots birds like blue birds, road runner, ravens, ducks and more.  Our favorite view is field with huge and tall Cottonwood tree in middle.  We sat with tree daily and open eye meditate watching the sprinkler do cool pattern as water the air and land as Centaur rest on our lap since land has lots stickers.  We loved the daily walk with the pig, Centaur, Poseidon, and four dogs!  Just like the past at family ranch!  We enjoyed the visit with Tyler, Kylie and her children, Jason and Louisa.  Thank you Tyler for showing us how the sprinklers work and giving us attention!  Thank you Jason for showing us how y’all feed cattle with large bale of hay.  Thank you Louisa for letting us stay there!  Thank you fur friends for showing us love!

Then we took of to totally different view drive to Marana, AZ there lots of cactus trees and variety cactus the sand is thicker and more white to tan color.  We stayed at Martini’s House (HomeAway) few weeks and had so much fun even all of us!  Poseidon loved the birds as the host left a block of bird seeds out!  Nice to see birds out window and when relax in sun.  Centaur enjoy walk on property even had ask our help remove cactus thorns out.  We so happy that area is more privacy so we got to get naked and sun bathe and dance naked!  Yay!  Y’all must do it too! We bought some fireworks then we got to light and watch fireworks! We enjoy visit with host’s family, Bill, Nancy, Michael, and Daniel.  They enjoyed the Angel Card messages.  Nancy gave us a tour around Tucson, AZ and she knows names of the mountains!  Bill gave us a ride on Wagon Willie!  Fun times!  Thank you Martins!

As we travel to Payson, AZ more mountains, more desert landscape which is new to us since first time we been to Arizona this life!  People are friendly who love to wave and say hi!  We arrived at cute house called Winchester (HomeAway) with beautiful tree and spacious lot.  We enjoyed the home and area.  Lots birds to watch and sun set behind the mountains.  Poseidon did much better with these tan sand thankfully!  Daily Centaur and Poseidon walk with us on a private road and dry river bed daily. It so cute hear Mark, host, say “how do you make your cat walk with you?”  Simple pray ask Fairies and Angles help with training.  Poseidon had choice stay indoor or join us.  He learned to get off the road when vehicles comes by and we still have no luck with Centaur he does the opposite!  We had fun visiting with Mark, his lady and their dogs plus chickens!  Centaur had blast playing with dogs.  Thank you Mark and family for sharing the home and awesome of God’s creations!  Joy!

We had great time in Kanab, UT stayed at house few weeks.  The landscape was interesting red sand everywhere, lots sage brush, few birds, and cattle.  We enjoyed the walk in open range with cattle.  Poseidon ended up itching of red dirt thankfully energy healing help and keep him indoor.   Fun watching sun rise and sun set as well Moon and stars.  Lots stars in dark sky!  Centaur went with us to get picture with Santa at Best Friend’s visitor center!  Centaur had fun going there meeting other people and children.  We got to experience what wind of speed 22 mph feels!