Earth Angels

Roxanne, Poseidon and Centaur

Roxanne, Poseidon and Centaur

Welcome to our page!  We are grateful that your Guides sent y’all to here!  We are Earth Angles as well as known as Light.  We shine radiant light onto others to help others also shine light for others.  We believe God, Angels, Archangels, Earth Angels, Heaven, Native Spirit, Spirit, Animal Spirit, Star, Fairy, Sasquatch, ET, and everyone.

Our names are Roxanne Walker, Poseidon (purr, blue and white, Meow!) and Centaur (woof!). Griffin went into transition on November 2017 and she in several photos and her fur is red and orange.  We are enjoying the life of traveling and exploring the freedom.  We send healing to Universe and lights.

Roxanne Walker learned a lot in many lives and this life.  Our life path had lessons of fear, love, live in small town on country side then to big city then to between.  We move often to learn, receive healing and send healing.  We had assignment to be hard of hearing and wore aids and more for over 30 years and grateful that we now hear without equipment since we learned how to heal our body and hearing.  It simple healing!  “we choose to hear with love and we can hear!” Said that daily for year as each month we were hearing new things and took slow so don’t overwhelm our self of lots sounds.  We love to hear!

We are going to share photos, travel, tips, wisdoms, and more to help spread truth and joy.

Come on join the love and Joy path!  Shine on!

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