Honolulu, Hawaii

Took few flights to Honolulu, HI as we see beautiful view of the ocean and the Hawaii islands.  Centaur and Poseidon stay at the Canine Country Club in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM for two weeks since not worth the time to do the quarantine in HI and back to other states.  They love Canine Country Club as Poseidon enjoy his room with window view of outside and watch people and dogs walk by and daily he gets play with staff in big room with huge tree which is perfect since Poseidon is tree huger.  Centaur loves his room it looks like a motel room and quite. On daily for half day he goes party with other dogs!  Woof!

Been different without the pets and we can take our time out doing fun things or errands.  Grateful we can hear more things like door, beeps and more which Centaur usually notifies us.

We stay at an apartment like using Airbnb which perfect size and peaceful.  Had fun watching and taking pictures of the birds come visit us at Foster Botanical Garden and Mona Water Fall. So cool they are so different than other state birds.  Colorful!  Nice to see abundance of green grass, green trees, shades, flowers and plants.

For few days also stayed at Turtle Bay Resort in Kahuku, HI. Love this resort it is perfect for nature lover and calm area.  The beach is beautiful, clear blue color, and only sounds hear there are ocean waves and birds.  Cute to watch many people walk so fast as the sun starting to set! Famous sun! Beautiful view of sunset with the ocean and enjoy sun rise over trees.  Had fun riding a horse near the beach and we had wear helmet due to coconut trees.  The restaurants at the resort have gluten free and vegetarian meals, yay!  The beach has rocks and sand that is more broken up tiny rocks vs the Texas beach it more sandy.  There are fish, slugs, snails, and crabs in the ocean.  Only saw sea birds like sand piper.  Was surprise there are no sea gulls, pelicans, or blue heron in Hawaii.  Did enjoy the swim and aqua fitness in the salted warm pool that is outside next to ocean.  Had fun playing with the GoPro camera which is water proof!

Went on Atlantis Submarines ride to see abundance of sea turtle and fish.  The sea floor is color of tan and brown deep as 120 ft.  Looks to be missing variety colors and plants. The animals were enjoying swimming and relaxing in and on the MidPacific airlines, YO-257 ship, San Pedro ship and structures.

Took a day tour with North Shore Beach Bus with kind people, driver and host.  Doug, host, was a blast since he share great information and join us do activities!  We went to hang out at a beach, then did some cliff jumping which was fun!  Off we went eat lunch at local restaurants that had landscape with turtles, chickens and ducks. Then we did paddle board which first time as you see Doug in image with us!  Then took nice ride see country side and we got to Hananuma Bay do first time salt water snorkeling which was so cool variety of colorful fish!  Then we safely head back to home.  Had so much fun visiting with others and enjoying the trip and taking videos and pictures of the nature!

When we were coming down the stairs at a mall and saw the bull come out of restaurant which startled us and had look again several times!  Image included.

There are abundance of chicken, chicks and roosters everywhere.  Seen some people had to help get the chicken and chicks move from road so people can continue to drive.

We are grateful we were able do these fun things in two weeks and when was in perfect weather some clouds to give us shade, some sun, and comfortable temperature in 80s. Some days was raining day which was perfect timing to relax recharge. Was helpful to use Uber and cab to get a ride to some places with limited parking and back home.  The following things that Honolulu, HI we did not see are humming birds, vultures, hawks, mobile homes, RVs, major bank companies, and snakes.

Honolulu, Hawaii is behind on ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act, and recommend anyone who uses wheelchair to vacation or move there is to do lots research. Call ahead to check all places that allows service dog.