Roswell, New Mexico

We stayed at Roswell, New Mexico for a week and enjoy the town as has grown some since few years ago.  There lots of creative arts and trucks with cattle trailer since there cattle farms outside the town and the auction in middle of the town which why air sometimes smells like livestock.  Great news more stores have organic foods and  few restaurants serve vegetarian meals. We stayed a house with nice yard which perfect for pets to have fun in yard.  On windy days which was up to 20+ mph wind all of us watch the nature and trees dance in wind while relaxing indoor.  On our birthday we celebrate with Inner Guides, inner child, self, Centaur and Poseidon! Lovely to receive birthday messages from family and friends.  We enjoyed the mini cake with sunflower icing, root beer, and Mexican meal.   Over the weekend went to the Star Knowledge Conference and enjoyed remembering spiritual info and help of others to raise vibration and clear out blocks. The image of us with metal bar it has carving of symbols called The Universal Symbols and Law of Creation: A Divine Plan by Which One Can Live.  Fun chatting with others and seeing clear, loving, and happy people there. Thank you, Jim, for sharing great photos from the conference!