Albuquerque, New Mexico

We stayed few weeks in Albuquerque, New Mexico at nice home with fenced in yard.  Poseidon enjoys the home and the yard to sun bathe and watch the birds.  A roadrunner came visit  us! Centaur enjoys snoozing away next to us.  We checked out stores and places which is cool and fun.  We enjoy the Albuquerque set up of roads, traffic, and all at ease which easy to know where we are and find home easy.  We enjoy the town few year ago as well.  There abundance of grocery store that sells organic foods and restaurants that serves vegetarian meals. Was helpful to get help from others by using site like Grubhub (meal delivery) and Instacart (grocery delivery).

We had a blast at Kevin’s Photo shoot as we get pictures taken together and them self.

There one image of the vegetarian hot dog got at The Acre and it so delicious!  Guess what the hot dog made out of?  Carrots!  Perfect texture!

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