Orem, Utah

We stayed few weeks in Orem, Utah was cool view of landscape and mountains as the days go by the snow start to come down as the view changes to like someone splash white paint on the mountain.  Centaur enjoy the snow just was lost where to potty since no luck finding the gravel or grass!  Poseidon bravely walk on snow for short time then hop on dry ground and watch birds enjoy the bird seeds.  We went to try out the snow boarding and was very unique techniques did wish we had pillow taped to our bottom!  Gonna stick with skis with pole until we get our body tight in shape to do snowboarding sure uses a lot balance by using the toes and legs.  Grateful that horse back riding is better and kind to our wholeness.    Learn what is like in the town after gets 10″ to 15″ snow how they clear the road, parking lots, and doesn’t stop people from going to places.  The resorts are happy with more snow!


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