Las Vegas, Nevada

We stay few days at Las Vegas, Nevada Motel 6 which is warm days (70s).  Poseidon enjoy watching out window as the city entertain him!  It is like he is watching biggest TV!  He enjoys watching tv and movies with us which fist cat we had that has interests in them.  Centaur enjoy walks and visit with other people.  We are grateful to able us the Uber to get rides to few shows and back home to pets.  We had so much fun going to the show Chippendales!  They invited us to the stage!  We sat on a red with gold trim Throne got to feel and watch the men dance for us!  Yummy!  Love the photo of all handsome men and us together!  Yay! The men sure enjoy smiling and glowing up as we cheer for them and gives us faith that we do deserve to have handsome friends and life partner!   The other show we went to Cirque De Soleil Zumanity!  It was fun, colorful and cool show! So cool to see the passions these people are into.  Then went to show called David Copperfield.  It is ok show did not affect us much as most fans due to we already got our self into present moment and the show uses law of attractions, Merkaba, and psychic.  At least helps fans know they can do anything that they believe in.  Ask and it is given.

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