Blue Mountain, California

We stayed few weeks at a cute cabin (Airbnb) in Blue Mountain, California.  There were some snow on ground and still see some ground.  We had fun hiking nearby with Poseidon and Centaur as we saw chipmunks, deer, rabbits, birds, creek, and tall trees.  The mountain is around the cabin and only see sun for five hours.  Beautiful moon shine with planets and stars.  One day we saw many lady bugs in air and on wooden limbs and grass on the warmest day.  This is first time to see this many!  So beautiful!  We got to go to a Qi-Gong classes and was fun work out and meeting people.  Had fun doing arts and crafts with a lady at the Pine Mountain Pine club. We grateful that this Pine Mountain Pine Club allows guest to join classes and activities. Poseidon has grown a lot he is almost half tall as Centaur!

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