Already Winter!

We stayed at River Ranch at Cascabel in Benson, AZ a week.  Was fun and healing since the place overwhelmed us first few days due to so many memories of our family ranch.  Cool see desert ranch able to grow grass by using sprinklers and red angus cattle with retire horses.  We enjoy seeing lots birds like blue birds, road runner, ravens, ducks and more.  Our favorite view is field with huge and tall Cottonwood tree in middle.  We sat with tree daily and open eye meditate watching the sprinkler do cool pattern as water the air and land as Centaur rest on our lap since land has lots stickers.  We loved the daily walk with the pig, Centaur, Poseidon, and four dogs!  Just like the past at family ranch!  We enjoyed the visit with Tyler, Kylie and her children, Jason and Louisa.  Thank you Tyler for showing us how the sprinklers work and giving us attention!  Thank you Jason for showing us how y’all feed cattle with large bale of hay.  Thank you Louisa for letting us stay there!  Thank you fur friends for showing us love!

Then we took of to totally different view drive to Marana, AZ there lots of cactus trees and variety cactus the sand is thicker and more white to tan color.  We stayed at Martini’s House (HomeAway) few weeks and had so much fun even all of us!  Poseidon loved the birds as the host left a block of bird seeds out!  Nice to see birds out window and when relax in sun.  Centaur enjoy walk on property even had ask our help remove cactus thorns out.  We so happy that area is more privacy so we got to get naked and sun bathe and dance naked!  Yay!  Y’all must do it too! We bought some fireworks then we got to light and watch fireworks! We enjoy visit with host’s family, Bill, Nancy, Michael, and Daniel.  They enjoyed the Angel Card messages.  Nancy gave us a tour around Tucson, AZ and she knows names of the mountains!  Bill gave us a ride on Wagon Willie!  Fun times!  Thank you Martins!

As we travel to Payson, AZ more mountains, more desert landscape which is new to us since first time we been to Arizona this life!  People are friendly who love to wave and say hi!  We arrived at cute house called Winchester (HomeAway) with beautiful tree and spacious lot.  We enjoyed the home and area.  Lots birds to watch and sun set behind the mountains.  Poseidon did much better with these tan sand thankfully!  Daily Centaur and Poseidon walk with us on a private road and dry river bed daily. It so cute hear Mark, host, say “how do you make your cat walk with you?”  Simple pray ask Fairies and Angles help with training.  Poseidon had choice stay indoor or join us.  He learned to get off the road when vehicles comes by and we still have no luck with Centaur he does the opposite!  We had fun visiting with Mark, his lady and their dogs plus chickens!  Centaur had blast playing with dogs.  Thank you Mark and family for sharing the home and awesome of God’s creations!  Joy!

We had great time in Kanab, UT stayed at house few weeks.  The landscape was interesting red sand everywhere, lots sage brush, few birds, and cattle.  We enjoyed the walk in open range with cattle.  Poseidon ended up itching of red dirt thankfully energy healing help and keep him indoor.   Fun watching sun rise and sun set as well Moon and stars.  Lots stars in dark sky!  Centaur went with us to get picture with Santa at Best Friend’s visitor center!  Centaur had fun going there meeting other people and children.  We got to experience what wind of speed 22 mph feels!

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