Fun in mid Fall Season!

Hi everyone!  We are doing amazing and enjoying the adventures!  Here are photos and news for Mid Fall Season.

We stayed few weeks in Welches, Oregon at a small cute house (Vacasa) in middle of forest which is humid, cute creek and large river near by house, abundance of nature, and beautiful watch trees change colors or become bare.  Griffin had a lot fun at the place and did become ill which we are grateful for a vet to help Griffin go into transition.  Here a great book about Transition (re truth of death) “Home with God in a Life That Never Ends” by Neale Donald Walsch.  Griffin’s soul been hanging out with pets for a week then moved on to new body for new family since Poseidon has improved and we are great team!  Poseidon and Centaur are so close buddies and most time looks like two dogs.  Both do a lot together.  Centaur taught Poseidon how to wade in creek!  Poseidon taught Centaur how to walk on a fallen tree.  We are so grateful that Poseidon is fast learner with help of the Fairies and Angels.  He loves to come when he hears “Poseidon come” We enjoyed watching nature and interact with big birds and deer.  The deer came to us happy to have some bird seeds.  Poseidon enjoyed riding in back pack carrier on walks with us and Centaur to see Salmon River. Was cool lots of people in Oregon knows some ASL.

Then as we travel there were lots smoke in air and landscape is flat, dry, and hills on the way to Twin Falls, Oregon to stay two nights at Motel 6 then we head to Moab, Utah and stay for few weeks at a duplex house (Vacasa) with nice spacious yard.  Poseidon learned more things like make friends with humans, cat, a dog that is big as a pony and play safely on roof from learning from a cat. Centaur enjoy spending time with Jake, big mix dog, human friends Erin and Don.  Roxanne enjoyed romantic time with Don!  We grateful for Don taking dogs and Roxanne at several parks to see drawings, water fall and landscape. Centaur enjoy creek just made mistake to roll in sand which end up in his eyes! We learned not take Centaur to these parks again since he so close fall over cliffs.  We enjoyed hanging out with Erin and Don as we took turns cooking dinner and chat away as we watch them drown themself into poisons and see their pets roll their eyes. We share info on affirmations what to desire for, energy healing, how communicate with Soul and Inner Guides and how train mind to heal.

Had a fun time riding a horse at Red Cliffs Lodge was nice ride between the hills, saw lots nature, and fun we walk in the creek.

Was interesting experience that Moab Adventure Center company gave us a ride on a hummer that took us to Hell’s Revenge Park which has huge rocks, oh my the ride is so much like roller coaster but so slow and can’t back away! Thank you rocks for sharing!

Big difference is Oregon lots green and humid then down in Utah dry and sandy!

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