Beauty of the beginning of the Fall

Howdy (means: hi, how are all of you) to all of you and hope you are enjoying your moments.  Our home is everywhere and thanks to the Ford Escape for transporting us, Centaur, Griffin, items for daily living. We do not own any home just stay anywhere Soul sends us to.

Adventure of beginning of the Fall we left Florida drove through beauty of nature. We stayed at several Motel 6 then arrived at The Walker’s Cottage (Airbnb) in Blue Mountain, Arkansas which was fun, relaxing and rewarding.  There were fresh clean air, stars and lots abundance. Griffin and Centaur including us felt so free, happy, joy, peace and at right place at right time and doing the right thing.    Griffin and Centaur enjoyed free rein at the house cause house big, and with nice yard landscape that they enjoyed dancing, play, explore with nature!  We enjoyed walking in woods and creek. Centaur decided to give a turtle a ride quickly in his mouth! Beauty of leaves change colors and falling to ground.  It is miracle to hear leaves crumble under our shoes!  We are grateful for visit with Elaine, host of house, she showed us around, met her family and friends, and we enjoy our chats. We got messages from Inner Guides that it is time to add new family member.  Our rule is to find new family member at least two months before other family member’s soul decides to leave the body that way they can train the new member before the transition.  Griffin’s soul said there another family they want to go to and she leaving body in November. Asked soul to show us where kitten and was lead to a rescue. Thankfully got a vision of of cat who looks grown in future is gray and white and now is to be kitten also he is soul of cat we had before Moe. We decided with his soul to name him Poseidon which God of the Sea perfect due to several hurricanes push us to him.  We grateful for Poseidon’s rescue to accept our odd application since home was car, motels and more!  We are so grateful with help of Soul, Angels, and Fairies for teaching and helping Poseidon adapt to new lifestyle quickly!  We grateful Griffin took him in and Centaur found him fun!  Poseidon and Centaur are buddies.  Griffin is more of independent outside most time playing with nature.

Many weeks later we headed to Heritage Hideaway Cabin (HomeAway) in Colville, Washington which is in middle of Colville Park. On the way here saw snow on mountains in Montana such a sight! Nice place next to lake, and different there no wi-fi or cell phone range for mile away.  Abundance of nature, stars and Bald Eagle.   We enjoyed the walks, cannoning, and paddle boat. Griffin enjoyed her own human bed and outdoors even in cold nights!  Poseidon explore indoor and outdoor and was like a glue to Centaur. New for Centaur to have a cat who rubs against him, walk under his belly, eat his meal, and squeeze to cuddle near his chest as he nap.  We took a day trip to Little Pen Oreille National Wildlife Refuge on auto tour which was surprise us which took us 30 miles the time 3 hours long as we drove slow on one lane dirt road to top mountain at elevation 5,260 feet then slowly down mountain thankfully the staff already removed downed trees off road.  We received lots miracles and abundance!  Wow one morning the outside is mostly white!  Was fun inner child play with us with snow as well with pets!  Griffin second time with snow, Poseidon first time and Centaur first time with us in snow!  Fun!  Centaur found it so cool that snow turn into snow ball and fetch then eat the snow ball!  LOL! Poseidon chase after snow ball. Griffin was like time clean that mess up (snow)!  We enjoy the time taking pictures of pets, us, and nature which was fun.

Sure does takes faith and trust to surrender to Soul’s path and accept support from Angels and Inner Guides.

Off we go to Oregon!

Thank you everyone!  We love all of you!  Love yourself!

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