Farewell Florida

Thank you everyone in Florida!  We are grateful for experiences in Kissimmee, FL and Coral Springs FL plus surrounding areas for eight months.  We enjoyed meeting people, seeing birds like crows and Ibis, peaceful roads, healthy grocery stores, and more.  We grateful with help of Universe, God, Angels and more.  Enjoyed the abundance and miracles.  The pets are grateful we finally found a Dr who discover their tooth issues and been removed.  The Spirits says due to teeth issue is due to GMO in their food.  Griffin loved the birds like scrub jays, doves, and more she says the ducks and Ibis are too big for her.  Centaur says lets go to North it is too hot here!  He had stay indoors most the time due temp.  We are grateful with help from others who helped us release the past, create new blue print, and release fear so we can move forward and create healthy cycle so repeat next eight years same as peace, love and joy.  We are grateful that all of us can co-create their own life of what they want and deserve. Sending love, joy and peace to everyone in FL and Universe!  Where are we from?  We are from Universe.


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